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Trehalose is a kind of functional natural sugar, which widely exists in many of flora and fauna and microorganism, such as mushrooms, seaweeds, beans, shrimps, bread, beer and fermented food etc. 

Trehalose has magical protective effect to living organism. It can prevent protein molecules from being inactivated effectively under the severe environments such as high temperature, high cold, hypertonicity and drought and dehydration etc., and then maintain vital process and biological characteristics, therefore, trehalose is also called “the sugar of life”.  

physical and chemical properties

With low sweetness and pure sweet taste 
The sweetness is 38% of that of saccharose, with gentle and tasty sweet taste. 

Brown stain resistance 
Mycose is non-reducing disaccharide sugar. When existing with amino acid and protein, it won’t create brown stain even heated with high temperature.

With good heat and acid resistance.  
Trehalose is the most stable disaccharide and it won’t be colored and decomposed even heated for 30 minutes under conditions of 100℃ and PH3.0.

Low hygroscopicity 
When the relative humidity reaches 95%, trehalose won’t absorb moisture.

High glass transition temperature 

The glass transition temperature of trehalose can reach 120℃, with very stable processing characteristics. 

Functional characteristics 

It can prevent starch aging

Mycose has excellent action of preventing starch aging and it’s more outstanding in low humidity or refrigeration conditions. 

It can prevent protein denaturation 
trehalose can effectively protect the natural structure of protein molecules in refrigeration, high temperature or drought conditions.

It can restrain the generation of fishy smell and odor 
trehalose can wipe off the fishy smell and aging rice odor effectively, keeping the freshness of fish and rice and maintaining their texture. 

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping effect 
Trehalose can effectively protect the structure of cytomembrane and protein and accordingly maintain the structure, texture, color and luster and flavor of flora and fauna, which is favorable for the rehydration of fruit and vegetables. 

Taste-modifying effect 
trehalose can alleviate and partially cover the bad flavor, reduce the astringent and bitter taste and abirritate part of the sour.

It can restrain the fatty acid oxidation 
trehalose can effectively restrain the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid. 
Stabilize the activity of the superoxide, dismutase in the materials.

Tooth decay prevention

trehalose won’t decompose, produce acid or insoluble glucan which can cause tooth decay. 


Range of application

Baking products
It can keep the products mellow and tasty, restrain oil oxidation and lengthen the shelf life.

Chocolate and candy 
It can reduce the sweet state of candies, improve the flavor of products and prevent sand return and melt, reducing the cariogenicity.  

It can keep the freshness of the fruit and prevent brown stain of the color. 

Quick-freezing products 
It can prevent starch staling and restrain the formation of ice crystals

It can keep the fresh taste of the drinks and cover the bad flavor.

Fish and meat products 

It can wipe off the bad flavor and improve the texture and taste of the products.

Quality standard

physical and chemical properties


Trehalose anhydrous

Clean trehalose

Superior grade

Superior grade

First grade

Trehalose content( dry basis)/%  








Incinerated residue/% 




Loss on drying/%