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High Fructose Rice Syrup

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High fructose rice syrup, with starch and broken rice as the raw materials, is a kind of mixed syrup with main ingredients of glucose and fructose formed through zymin liquidation, saccharification and isomerization reaction etc. 

Pure sweetness with fruit smell
Its sweet taste is close to surcose, but stronger than surcose in  taste sensory sweetness. Compared with castor sugar, it has refresher mouth-feel; the sweet taste disappears faster as the tempreture become lower; 

High osmotic pressure 
The osmotic pressure is higher than sucrose's.It is good for the inhibition of  microbial’s growth on the food surface.

It doesn’t cover up other smell
It can maintain the drink’s beautiful color and original smell.

Lower sweetness at freezing point
The glucose and fructose in our products exist as monosaccharide, the molecular weight is smaller than surcose’s, and its freezing point is lower than surcose’s

Super moisture retention
It can make the bread and cake soft, fresh, yellow and bright in Color with rich baking smell.

Super fermentation performance
The fructose and glucose is monosaccharide in this product, they can directly used by lactobacillus and saccharomycetes,  so it can  raise the fermentation rate. 

Because the fructose is not the suitable substrate for  oral microorganism, so it is good for protecting  tooth enamel and preventing dental caries.

Good metabolic properties
It is rich in fructose,glucose,honey and other nutrition elements, which is easily absorbed by human beings.

Chemical stability under acidic condition 
Glucose and fructose are quite stable when PH is 3.0, so HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is more stable than saccharose in acid food (such as sodas and acid fruit cans). 

Range of application

Ice cream and soft drink
The cooler the sweeter, low freezing point, When added into ice cream,it can inhibit the ice crystal growth.

Cake, bread and other backing food
It can keep the products fresh and soft, extend the shelf-life, contribute a special baking smell

Soft sweetness, good anti-dusting and anti-melting ability

Good mouth-feel and taste; soft smell, transparent and without turbidity.

Fruit cans 
The molecules of glucose and fructose can penetrate the cytoderm and achieve a balance quickly, improving the stability of processing course. It is also not affected by PH value (power of hydrogen). It can prevent the fruit juice from overflowing the fruit and is favorable for keeping the relish of the fruit. 

Used in preserved fruit and jam 
With quick penetration, short production time and good rot resistance, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is favorable for the storage and shape retention of preserved fruit.

Medicine and health care food 
Glucose and fructose can be directly assimilated, favorable for the absorption of patients.
Such as carbetapentane citrate and loquat syrup etc 

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