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Rice protein peptide, with the raw material of rice protein, is a kind of micromolecule protein hydrolysate got after a series of refined treatments such as enzymolysis of compound protease, membrane separation and debitterization etc. It is mainly composed by mixture of various protein peptide molecules and a little free amino acids, saccharides and inorganic salts etc. 

Rice protein peptide is the top grade functional protein additive with the best quality and technical content as well as market prospect in modern nutritional food industry, which can be widely used in the fields such as health-care food, nutritional food, baking food and athletes’ food etc.

Health function

The amino acids content and kinds of rice protein peptide are consistent with those of rice protein, but rice protein peptide has many biological activities that the rice protein doesn’t have. 

Easy digestion and assimilation 
The absorptivity of rice protein peptide in intestinal tracts is much higher than that of protein and it can also cause biological effect of the body at the tissue level as biological active peptide. 
Low irritability 
It is found by research with enzyme immunoassay that the antigenicity of rice protein peptide is only 1/100~1/1000 of rice protein. The antigenicity of rice protein peptide won’t cause allergic reaction after eating. 

Assimilating cholesterol 

Rice protein can reduce the serum cholesterol. It is found by research that rice protein peptide not only has the same function but the effect is even better. 

Reducing blood pressure: 
Rice protein peptide can prevent the end of blood vessel from being shrunk and reach the purpose of reducing blood pressure, but it has no antihypertensive effect on the ortho-arteriotony. 

Promoting fat metabolism:
The intake of rice protein peptide can promote the activity of basic metabolism and the calorific value will greatly increase after eating it.
Increasing energy and overcoming fatigue
It can also promote the energy metabolism and strengthen stamina as well as overcome fatigue.  

Range of application

Infant rice flour and old people food

Rice protein peptide is easy to be digested and assimilated, which can be used as the patients’ food during their recovery period, the old people food and the food for infants with immature digestive function. 

Health care food 
Rice protein peptide can be used to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and prevent diseases of cardiovascular system. It can also be used in functional health food to supply protein for the obese patients. 

Sports drink 
Rice protein peptide is easy to be assimilated and digested. It can provide energy for the body quickly, promote fat metabolism and gather strength as well as replenish energy. 

Fermented food
Rice protein peptide can promote the production, development and metabolism of the microorganism. It can be used in the fermented food such as yoghourt, cheese, vinegar and soy sauce etc. to increase the flavor and supplement the amino acid content. 

With low viscosity, good hygroscopicity and moisture retention and strong oxidation resistance, the rice protein peptide can be widely used in all kinds of cosmetics such as skin lotion, hair care products and facial masks etc. 

Quality Standard




≥ 70


≥ 50

Fat (%)

≤ 2


≤ 8


≤ 1.0


≤ 0.5


Packing size: 20KG in paper-plastic composite bag.