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  • Rice Protein Powder

    Rice protein, with the raw material of high quality rice, is the good protein got through deep processing to rice by adoMORE

  • Rice Protein Peptide

    Rice protein peptide, with the raw material of rice protein, is a kind of micromolecule protein hydrolysate got after a MORE

  • High Fructose Rice Syrup

    Hhigh fructose rice syrup, with starch and broken rice as the raw materials, is a kind of mixed syrup with main ingredieMORE

  • Fructo-oligose

    Fructo-oligose (FOS for short), also called oligosaccharide, is excellent prebiotics and soluble dietary fiber, with remMORE

  • Honey flavor fructose-glucose syrup

    Honey flavor fructose-glucose syrup contains not only fructose-glucose syrup characteristics but also honey's taste and MORE